Selection & Price

We scour the state for the best available strains and are always on the lookout for great deals from cultivators to pass along to our customers. Tip Top runs fantastic specials EVERYDAY, and, if you’re a member of our customer loyalty program, you’ll get additional discounts and special offers on a regular basis!


The first visit to a dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. Our friendly,  knowledgeable, budtenders understand this and enjoy taking the time to navigate new customers through the ins-and-outs of the process, introducing them to great options without a bombardment of technical jargon. Tip Top’s priority is that our customers have an awesome experience and our budtenders recommend products suitable to the customer’s experience level.

For long-time consumers who enjoy in-depth discussions about all things cannabis, our budtenders will love to chat with you.

Tip Top staff are passionate about cannabis, their idea of a fun day off is reading about and sampling new strains.

We hold frequent budtender training with our vendors. Tip Top’s relationship with our suppliers is a partnership and the training sessions enable our budtenders to enthusiastically and accurately describe their products to our customers.